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Our ideas for visiting Hyères in 6 steps

From the Mediterranean aromas on the market stalls to the highly refined old stones, Hyères is the quintessential Côte d’Azur. Famed for its paradise islands and expanses of immaculate white sand, the town is also a little haven of peace where it’s great to stroll around. A pinch of art, a touch of archaeology and a few stars in the eyes: all the ingredients for a 100% Côte d’Azur-style day. We are sharing with you a 6-step programme for visiting Hyères!

1. Go back in time at the Olbia archaeological site

Perched on its headland and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Olbia archaeological site has been able to span the centuries to tell the tale of the town’s ancient past.

Go back in time by visiting this ancient fortified colony that was once populated by fishermen, farmers and soldiers.

These ruins dating from the 4th century invite you to imagine the baths, shops and alleyways that made up the ancient town.

A true leap into the past! You have your choice of visit: with or without a guide.

Going with the second option? Explanatory panels help you to unearth all the secrets of the old fortified city-state, at your own pace. So, convinced?

Find out more about the Olbia archaeological site!

2. Stroll through the narrow streets of Hyères

Pure Côte d’Azur! Here’s what awaits you along the alleyways of Hyères. Narrow, flowered and colourful, these are a veritable snapshot of Provence all by themselves. The old town of Hyères offers everything we love: splendid buildings, a village atmosphere, local arts and crafts stores and colourful shutters.


From the Templar Tower to the ramparts of the old fortress, via the Church of Saint-Louis, the monuments in Hyères will pique your interest at first glance. Every building plays on its charms to cajole you. To which visit will you succumb?


Talking of succumbing, there’s one that vies with the local heritage. The grand Iles d’Or market! Visiting Hyères on a Saturday morning allows you to give in to the simple pleasures of this gourmet hotspot. Here, the colourful and fragrant stalls blend to awaken your senses. Honey, olives, seasonal fruit… Fill your basket as you make you way down the aisles!


Find out more about the markets in Hyères!

3. Reveal your artistic soul at Villa Noailles

Good news for modern art lovers! Your visit to Hyères continues in a true artists’ retreat. From the old town, head up to Villa Noailles, built by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in the 1920s. A stone’s throw from the chateau, the site is a true cluster of curiosities not to be missed for any reason.


Enter to the villa to walk in the footsteps of Giacometti, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau or Salvador Dali. From the very first moment, be carried away by the charm of this flower of modern architectural heritage. Fashion, design, photography, architecture: a succession of exhibitions and festivals all year round for the greatest pleasure of the curious passers-by!


To end the visit, and in a veritable ode to cubism, the garden offers you an unimpeded view of Hyères and the Iles d’Or. A little lush green setting in which it’s really good to take a stroll!


Find out more about Villa Noailles!

4. Aim for the moon at the Pic des Fées Observatory

As night falls, set out for an evening under the stars. Overlooking the Giens peninsula and the Iles d’Or, the Pic des Fées Observatory is the ideal refuge for those passionate about wonderful discoveries. The opportunity to contemplate the heavens under the best conditions!


As true astronomers in the making, try out the telescopes and cameras available to you. An entire team of enthusiasts accompany you as you take your first steps, every Friday evening from October to June. A beautiful way to visit Hyères in a different style! In the summer, the nights guarantee you a privileged moment with your head in the stars. Planets, constellations, the Milky way… The sky will no longer hold any secrets for your family!


Find out more about the Pic des Fées Observatory!

5. Follow the Arts Circuit

It’s impossible to forgo a walk in the centre of Hyères! Put your trainers back on for another outing. This time, there’s no strolling and haphazard discoveries, the Arts Circuit invites you to survey the steep alleyways of the medieval town by following the signposts. Belle Epoque villas, emblematic monuments and art galleries punctuate your walk.


If you take Rue Portalet, you’ll arrive on Place Massillon for a first stop. Look up! The Templar Tower overlooks you. The circuit then leads you to the Saint Paul collegiate and the Saint Claire and Saint Bernard parks. At the top of the hill, the ruins of Hyères chateau stand before you! Get your breath back in front of an unimpeded view over the town.


Find out More about the Arts Circuit!

6. End the visit as close to nature as possible

A visit to Hyères is also the opportunity to go green (and very often turquoise blue). From fine sandy expanses to perfumed gardens, Hyères saves some beautiful natural breaks for you.

1.  Relax on one of its exceptional beaches

Wide white sand beaches or delightfully wild coves… the choice is yours when you visit Hyères!


The Mediterranean will offer you the pleasures of the summer holidays: bathing, picnics with family or friends, beach games and even board sports. There’s something for everyone in Hyères! For the more adventurous and deserving, the Giens peninsula has some wonderful surprises for you: Darboussières beach, the Four à Chaux Calanque and even Hermitage beach. Download the “free Hyères plages” (Hyères beaches) app from the Tourist Information Centre to find the beach of your dreams.


Find out more about the beaches in Hyères!

2.  Hike along the coastal path on the Giens peninsula

Take the time to travel the Giens Peninsula and its 35 km of coastline on foot.

A succession of different settings will reveal themselves: vast beaches, wild coves, little islands and small fishing ports. There are several marked trails. To the east, the one linking Tour Fondue and La Badine is very easy and will give you a progressive view of the entire Hyères harbour.

To the west, the more athletic will take the extremely spectacular route between la Madrague and Niel port. The panoramic views over Porquerolles won’t fail to win you over: a breath-taking view, grandiose landscapes, and the sound of the waves and the seagulls. This hike is fairly sporty, but it’s really worth it!


Find out more about the Giens Peninsula!

3.  Spend a day on the island of Porquerolles

The largest of the Iles d’Or is a little paradise not to be missed if you visit Hyères! Why not spend a day on this veritable jewel of the Côte d’Azur? The island of Porquerolles is paradise in a nutshell: a beautiful animated and colourful village square, heavenly beaches bathed in turquoise waters (Grand Langoustier beach, La Courtade beach, Notre-Dame beach, etc.), a wild coastline dotted with coves and forts, vineyards, 54 km of marked hiking or mountain biking trails (the Midi, Levant, and Couchant circuits, etc.), diving spots that are among the most beautiful in France… In short, it’s a long list!


Find out more about the island of Porquerolles!

4.  Stroll through Olbius Riquier park

A lush green setting for a wonderfully relaxing moment in Hyères!

Covering 7 hectares, and just a few minutes from Hyères town centre, the Olbius Riquier park, awarded the “Jardin Remarquable” (Remarkable Garden) label, is a walking spot where you will have the pleasure of discovering its lake and waterfall, crossing little bridges and enjoying its beds of fragrant flowers.

In addition to the botanical garden and its pathways, its hothouse shelters several tropical species.

A small zoo also awaits you, pretty and curious birds in the aviary and even the peacocks that roam free in the park, to the greatest delight of your children!


Find out more about Olbius Riquier park!

Do you have any questions? We’ve got the answers!

Why visit Hyères?

Its 35 km of coastline and its beaches, which are among the longest on the coast, could be sufficient reason to visit Hyères! But in addition to the stretching sands with a paradise atmosphere, the town is full of historic treasures. The retreat of artists such as Picasso, Dali or Jean Cocteau, the town is a hub of creativity. And you too, let yourself be inspired!

What is there to do in Hyères?

Hike along the coastal path on the Giens peninsula, cycle along the paths on the island of Porquerolles, visit the Hyères chateau or the botanical garden in Olbius Riquier park… There’s a little treat for everyone! In any event, Hyères offers you a complete range of discoveries to enjoy during your stay.

What are the best activities to enjoy in Hyères?

Whether you love sports or wonderful discoveries, here’s a range of activities that you can try from the centre of Hyères to the Giens peninsula:

●     Snorkelling in the turquoise waters of Hyères

●     Dive in the most beautiful spots on the coast

●     Laze on the Pesquiers or Almanarre beaches

●     Visit Hyères les Palmiers by the 100%-electric little tourist train

●     Hike in the Port-Cros national park

●     Kitesurfon the Giens peninsula

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