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The best Instagrammable spots in Menton

Languishing along the Côte d’Azur, the beautiful city of Menton has an amazing array of lovely colours. Grab your camera or your smartphone, have a lemon ice cream on the way, and follow me through the narrow streets of Menton! Ready to post your photos? Don’t forget to tag the @VisitCotedazur account and use the official hashtag #CotedAzurFrance !

Start with the Menton seafront:

Promenade du Soleil and the Bastion…

A promenade that lives up to its name! The sea on one side, the old town of Menton with the Alps in the background on the other. What more could you ask for? Surrender to this gentle Italian flavoured lifestyle, and walk alongside Les Sablettes beach. You will have a sublime viewpoint for contemplating the whole city and taking the best Instagram photos of Menton. Don’t forget to linger at the Bastion. A former military building, the Bastion is now home to the Musée Jean Cocteau. And don’t miss the superb floor mosaic.

Head into the narrow streets of Old Menton:

Rue longue, Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs…

The old town of Menton is mainly pedestrian – a delight! Go across the beautiful Place aux Herbes and look up as you walk along the magnificent Rue Longue which crosses the old town almost from side to side. Lined with shops of all kinds, it is actually the backbone of the town. In the heart of these narrow streets, photo opportunities abound… with the Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs in particular. A real architectural jewel which appears before as you head up the typical rue de Bréa…

Secret places…

That make Menton so delightful!

Among my favourite and little known places, explore the traverse de Bréa. These very narrow streets with arches and vaults are common in the old town and it’s undoubtedly one of the prettiest and most colourful. To continue our unusual architecture series, I suggest you head for rue du Vieux Château where there’s a very strange house. Surrounded by two staircase alleyways, it looks like a lighthouse rising out of the water, don’t you think?

Inescapable instagrammable places in Menton!

Places you really mustn’t miss

Easily visible from the Promenade du Soleil and many other points of view in Menton, the magnificent Basilique Saint-Michèle Archange dominates the city. In perfect harmony with the rest of the architecture, much to everyone’s delight it was restored in 2019. At the foot of the Basilica is the equally remarkable Parvis Saint-Michel. If you look down at your feet, you will discover that the surface of this square is made of black and white pebbles that form a superb huge mosaic. Yet another beautiful instagrammable spot in Menton.

Take to the hills:

to admire the whole city!

With your thigh muscles burning and no doubt breathless, you’re almost at the Vieux Château cemetery. Strange as it may seem, this cemetery offers one of the most beautiful views of Menton. But my last favourite place is on the other side of the town: the Jardin Serre de la Madone. Labelled as a “Jardin Remarquable” (remarkable garden), it is a true haven of peace that is well worth the detour. Now that I’ve told you about my favourite places in Menton, post your photos #Menton #CotedAzurFrance !

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