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The announcements particularly awaited by tourism professionals, the measures framing the second phase for lifting the lockdown, are now known. On Thursday 28 May, the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, specified a relaxing of the rules for lifting the lockdown, that would take effect as of Tuesday 2 June. Tourism is one of the economic sectors hardest hit by this health crisis. The challenge is now to balance the need to take health protection measures with the sector’s economic and social recovery. This is what needs to be taken on board form the Government announcements!

End of the 100 km limit on travel

Among the most-awaited measures in the run up to the summer season, the Prime Minister announced the end of the prohibition on travelling more than 100 km from home, as of 2 June . French people may start to travel beyond this 100 km circle again, in France, in the DOM-TOM (overseas departments and territories – in compliance with the 14-day isolation period) and can also plan foreign travel. France is in favour of reopening internal European borders as of 15 June if the health situation so permits, without a 14-day isolation period, unless a reciprocal isolation measure needs to be established.

For tourist flows outside of Europe, an assessment will be made by all European countries on 15 June, in order to determine if Europe’s external borders should be reopened and also the specific methods for this (countries concerned, isolation periods to be applied, etc.).

Reopening of cafes, bars and restaurants

The ultimate symbol of the French-style art of living! Cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to reopen on the Côte d’Azur as of 2 June, provided they comply with the health conditions validated for each profession. Among these health rules: customers may be seated at the same table with a limit of 10 people per table and a distance of at least one metre between each table. It will be mandatory for all staff and customers to wear masks when moving around within the establishment. With regard to bars, consumption within the establishments will not be authorized.

Accommodation, leisure parks, beaches, sites and museums, etc.

Tourist accommodation on the Côte d’Azur, such as holiday villages and campsites, may resume activity as of 2 June, while complying with the specific health protocols implemented in this sector.  Leisure parks will resume their activities (with a “maximum capacity of 5,000 people). Beaches, lakes and bodies of water, parks and gardens will be accessible across the entire region. Swimming pools, sports halls and gymnasia will also reopen.
Museums, monuments, concert halls and theatres will also reopen as of 2 June. It will be mandatory to wear a mask and compliance must be made with the social distancing rules.

NB: Gatherings of more than ten people may still not take place in public areas. Cultural and sporting events will remain suspended.


The Defence and National Security Committee has drawn up a new series of measures relating to the conditions for lifting lockdown for the summer period.

As of 22 June 2020:

– Opening of cinemas, holiday centres, casinos and arcades, in compliance with strict health rules.

Resumption of collective sporting activities, with prevention measures adapted to the various categories of activity concerned.

 The essential health protocol measures remain in force:

  • Compliance with barrier measures.
  • Masks must be worn by people aged 11 and over in most establishments open to the public and on public transport.
  • Social distancing in cafes, restaurants and establishments open to the public, as well on public transport and in schools in as far as possible.

It is essential that everyone is vigilant and complies with these rules.

As of 11 July, which will mark the end of the health emergency:

– River cruises will once again be authorized; in conjunction with our European partners, a decision may be taken to restart sea cruises between European ports, for vessels with a capacity not exceeding a limit set by ministerial decree.

– Stadiums and racecourses will be open to the public, with a maximum capacity of 5,000 people. As with concert halls, activities bringing together over 1,500 people must be declared, so that compliance with the necessary precautions can be guaranteed;

– In principal, the maximum capacity of 5,000 people for major events, stadiums and concert halls is in force until 1 September. The epidemiological situation will be reassessed mid-July in order to decide whether a relaxation of the rules will be possible for the second half of August.

As of September 2020, the return to work and school will be marked by new relaxations in the rules:
– Opening of establishments hosting fairs, exhibitions and trade fairs.

– Resumption of international sea cruises.

– Opening of discos. With regard to this last point, it should be noted that the Union of Hotel and Catering Trades and Industries – cafes, brasseries and nightclubs branch – which represents 1,500 discos and 43,000 jobs in France, has declared that if this decision to keep discos closed until September is ratified, the decree would be challenged before the State Council for unfair treatment.